A winery dedicated to avoiding convention


Our raison d‘être is to capture, and ultimately bottle, an elusive element of the profound. We strive by diligently following the practice of “making” as much of our wines, while the clusters are still hanging on the vines. Carefully chosen hill-side sites provide for naturally lower yields and attentive farming, throughout the season. This culls out any lingering mediocrity. Finally, a last, ruthless pass through every row of every parcel, by the winemaker, cuts out any remaining “critter clusters” that will be left lying on the vineyard’s ground just prior to the start of harvest. We go to these lengths in the vineyards, so once gravity forces the clusters into the awaiting fermenters, our approach can be focused exclusively on coaxing all of the hidden secrets during fermentations. Adaptive technique, matched to the peculiarities of the vintage, allows for a truer expression to be captured within a given year. 

Confero {to bring together} 

is, and will always be, the practice of bringing distinct vineyards and clones of Pinot Noir together, from differing sub-regions within the Willamette valley. From this ideal, we are able to capture unique strengths of each parcel and adjoin them with qualities of other individual sites, thus enhancing the overall complexity and depth a given vintage can provide.

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