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A winery dedicated to avoiding convention

The Method

Old World Influences
Blend with the New World

Many a winemaker is born into a winemaking family. The expectation can be that the new generation will carry on. This happens more at Old World wineries, than it does in New World ones. 

In my case, I wasn’t naturally born into a line of winemakers. My passion came while traveling throughout France from, 2005 through 2008, as a representative for Robert Kacher Selections. Here, I caught the winemaking bug.

I was delighted to meet winemakers and vignerons (viticulturists) of critical acclaim. As I listened and learned from them about their passion for what they were doing, the how and why of it all, I wanted in… I wanted it all: the land, the grapes, the methodologies, and the pursuit of living up to the personal expectations set into play, by all of these great vignerons before me.

Major Influences

Burgundy, France
Cote Rotie, Northern Rhone Valley, France

Old World Methods in the New World ~ Carpe Diem

In 2009, I settled into Oregon’s famed Willamette Valley, with a "just do it" attitude. As it all began to evolve, the following is what I’ve adopted as my methodology, for the last many years. I do my best to understand the strength of the terroir and work with it in harmony

• Managing specifically chosen sites, sustainable farming practices
• Encouraging maximum flavors through low yields
• Realizing that I would have to work with Mother Nature as my partner
• Minimizing technology and maximizing intuition and
hands on practices
• Developing experience and integrity based on each new vintage
• Harnessing the beauty and majesty of Pinot Noir and other grape, with which I have chosen as “partners.”

These are the methods that will continue to evolve, ad infinitum for Aberrant Cellars.